Nonprofit Organization Planning

Organizational Structure & Management

Arrow, Nonprofit Organization Planning in Alexandria, VA
Catalyst Group of Alexandria provides you with complete evaluation and planning services for nonprofit organizations. When you rely on our team you receive nonprofit organizational structure solutions to reach your goals. We also welcome you to take a look at some of our past and present clients.

Governance & Strategic Discussions

Arrow, Nonprofit Organization Planning in Alexandria, VA

About Our CEO

Arrow, Nonprofit Organization Planning in Alexandria, VA

We provide you with a variety of solutions for nonprofit governance. Our organizational governance solutions help ensure stability and consensus throughout your organization.

Our facilitation of strategic discussions encourages open and active participation in the goals of your nonprofit. Catalyst Group of Alexandria is here to provide you with discussion sessions that will achieve lasting results.

Our organization is guided by the vision and dedication of our CEO, Richard F. Dorman. Catalyst Group of Alexandria invites you to learn more about our CEO and the guiding principles he instills in our organization.

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Fellow of American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) ™


Proud Member of the
American Society of Association Executives
Alexandria Chamber of Commerce
Supporter of The Center of Association Leadership


The full range of nonprofit associations
and foundations world-wide

Certified Association Executive, CAE
Former Chair of the CAE Commission
Former Board Member of the Greater Washinton
Society of Association Executives (GWSAE)
Former Chairman of the American Society of
Association Executives (ASAE) ™ Peer Review Committee


About Us

Depend on the nonprofit organization evaluation and planning services from Catalyst Group of Alexandria, to provide you with the keys to success. Our CEO has more than 30 years of experience in running nonprofit organizations.

We provide strategic positioning to poise your organization for success. Our experience in assisting a variety of nonprofit clients makes us the ideal choice for your organization's needs. Catalyst Group of Alexandria has a track record of success in positioning organizations for success. 

We are specialists at making things happen for your organization by identifying your organization's unique position in the market place. Catalyst Group of Alexandria has been told numerous times that clients' highest expectations are always exceeded. Helping your organization be successful is the cornerstone of our business.