Governance Solutions & Strategic Discussions

Governance Evaluation & Redesign

Receive concise organizational leadership and governance solutions. We assess whether or not your governance structure is appropriate for your membership and strategic direction. Catalyst Group of Alexandria reviews your programs and their relevance to your strategic position and market needs.

Our team also reviews how you can function more efficiently in your chosen environment. We successfully help transfer outdated governance structures to more nimble structures, promoting better service.

Board & Staff Leadership Orientations

We help volunteers and staff understand their roles and responsibilities in leading your organization to its goals. Our nonprofit organization planning team facilitates an open discussion about the roles and responsibilities of your board and staff to achieve enhanced synergism and alignment.

Meeting, Organizational Governance Solutions & Group Discussions in Alexandria, VA

We use training tools, interactive activities and industry norms to facilitate this training. Catalyst Group of Alexandria functions as a third-party adviser to help establish roles that lead to a better understanding of operational excellence. 

Strategic Discussions

As part of our nonprofit organization planning, we facilitate group discussions that bring everyone to a consensus on strategic issues. When a consensus is reached, then greater success becomes possible.

Should your group be facing a number of good options with limited resources, our team helps you make the informed decisions. Our advisement helps your organization decide where to go in terms of leadership and goals for the future.

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